simplifoods® is the Food & Beverages (F&B) sector business arm of savesire group.

Besides managing a string of F&B businesses, it is also appointed as the “Brand Consultant” to market as well as to sign up franchisees for the following brands owned by Second Oxygen Edibles Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Telangana:

  • The Pulao Bowl
Limitless flavors
limited time

The Pulao Bowl is a very innovative restaurant business model with the hallmark features of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in the Indian food segment, specialising in the authentic Telugu & Indian cuisine.

The motto of The Pulao Bowl is to provide great food in a comfortable and welcoming environment…fast! It is speed, convenience and great food quality that get customers to come through the door and then return …again and again.

  • The Fruit Story
Joy of tasting Nature

Mouth watering “Fresh Fruit juices, Shakes and smoothies” occupy the vivid pages of The Fruit Story.

We believe this world is full of storytellers, every living and non-living being has its own story. But what we lack is the real audience! At Fruit Story, we want you to believe that just like all of us, the fruits have their own stories too. The fruits from different parts of the world have come here to share their fun tales. Care to listen?

Use of only natural and organic fruits, no added flavors or essence. Serve world class cuisine at a place With all Seasonal and imported fruits available for 365 days.

  • The Chai Spot

Welcome to The Chai Spot. An icon. A brand. A visionary. The Chai Spot is the leading Chai Brand in India today which has balanced tradition with the growing consumer need for aspirational fresh food with a story.

The Chai Spot from the streets of India is the epitome of the community whether he or she served, our brand lives for the community we serve.

Alongside our range of signature specialist teas and coffees, we serve a number of products given their own traditional modern twist such as fried maggi, Omelette, Lassi’s, Pastries, Kebab rolls, and our own Indian breakfast.

A quick refreshing spot, with taaza and quicks refreshments. Along with our range of teas and coffees we provide modern munchies and traditional breakfast.

  • Majlis Darbar Restaurant

A unique place for various regional cuisines of Arab world, spanning from maghreb to the fertile Crescent and the Arabian Peninsula. These unique traditional cuisines are centuries old and reflect the culture of great trading spices, herbs and foods.

Majlis Darbar serves the the young and old Arab kitchen’s cuisine that were developed centuries ago.

Invitation to Franchisees

We are inviting potential franchisees from all the major cities and district headquarters in India as well as from all over the World, with passion for food business to submit their investment proposals.

Access to prime location in their chosen regions or cities, ability to replicate and maintain the Common Value System of our Brands, adequate capital to invest and uphold the brand image, value and quality food and solid business experience with suitable understanding of the legalities and fundamental business management skills needed to operate a franchise business are the cornerstones of our prospective franchisees.

For Franchisee inquiries, please contact our Managing Director Mr. S V Siva Reddy at


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