Back Office Support Services

Book keeping & Accounting services

savesire shall provide all the accounting services in an “outsourced” model, as a back bone initially to the Business Owners (BO’s) as well as Auditors. The relationship model would involve two way communications between the business owners and Auditors.

Payroll & Payment services

Based on the requirements of Business Owners, payments to suppliers and staff (including payroll, ESI, gratuity etc.) can be handled by savesire, thereby allowing the business owners to simply focus on “doing business”. However, these payment cycles would be agreed in advance with the business owners.

Finalization of Financial Statements

As a one stop techno-financial services provider, capturing the imagination of the Business Owners’ and Audit Firms, preparation of financial statements and related reports that would be “just ready for audit” shall be one of the primary offerings of savesire. This would complement & facilitate the Audit Firm’s with quick signing of audit reports while providing them with all the supporting information and documents.

Advisory and Assistance on Compliance Reporting

Savesire’s repository of experience provides with rich advisory and assistance on various Regulatory, Tax and other Compliance Reporting requirements to various business owners, irrespective of their scale of operations or sphere of business activities.

Filing returns to various authorities

Service tax and VAT returns, employee related returns etc., shall be promptly prepared using the timely info available within savesire systems and shall be filed with or submitted to the relevant authorities.