v’Nipuna® is a unique business offering from savesire. It is actually a combination of “Virtual” and “Nipuna”, where the Sanskrit word “Nipuna” means “Expert” in a given area of knowledge/subject.

Through our v’Nipuna®, we bring on board the specialist’s expertise when it comes to meeting the specific needs of different businesses, whether it is on a given subject of specialty or a market segment or a product segment. We strongly believe that globalized solutions or off the shelf solutions may not deliver a client’s local need. At times, the obscure localized issue/problem needs a localized solution.

With our vast network of specialists, hands on subject experts and industry professionals, we could arrange private consultations which could typically be a one to one meeting or telephone calls with highly respected personalities of their chosen fields and carefully chosen purely for their skills, knowledge and ability to deliver specific insights on a particular aspect of a highly specialized business or a simple, but often lost in sight, aspect of a company or product.

Our past experience reveals that these chosen “subject experts” empaneled on savesire v’Nipuna® network have associated with us for a very long time and the initial meetings or telephone calls often become a rock foundation for long and mutually beneficial, enriching working partnerships.

Please feel free to contact us to clearly “define” your business needs and to extend you tailor made consultations or solutions that provide you the best possible return on investment for the time and money you have invested.

On the other hand, we keep expanding our network of v’Nipuna® by empaneling more fresh talent with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. If you strongly feel that you could be part of our v’Nipuna® network by leveraging your knowledge & expertise, please apply through the following form:

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